Friday, February 24, 2012

Meat on a stick in Brasilia!...

Our trip "home" to Cusco took us via Brasilia (the capital of Brasil) where we had an overnight stopover. Given that we needed to be back at the airport at about 4.30am for our 7.30am flight, we decided not to bother with a hotel. Instead we caught a bus (a bus with free wifi no less) into Brasilia to get some dinner.  With no real idea of where we were going, we were all on the lookout for a restaurant that looked open, and in particular to lookout for a Churrascaria. To all of our surprise, we found one!

 Churrascaria's are a buffet with a difference...  the waiters bring the meat to you on a stick and carve it at the table for you.   You have a card on the table that's green on one side, red on the other.  As long as the green side is up, the meat keeps coming!

The restaurant that we found was impressive and as we walked in in our travelling clothes, sneakers, thongs and backpacks we all felt underdressed!  Nevertheless the waiters showed us to our tables, took our bags, backpacks and coats and placed them on a chair at the table and then proceeded to cover them up with a tablecloth.  Initially we thought this was to hide our shabbiness from the other customers, but as we looked around, every table had a similar arrangement (although not as large as ours).

Now I'm not usually a huge meat eater, however this meat was amazing!  It was so tender and tasty that I just had to keep saying "yes" as each waiter turned up with a different cut of meat.

Needless to say we all walked out very full.

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