Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I'm running out of words to describe my experiences on this trip...  I've used amazing, incredible, fantastic so many times but they just don't seem to cut it!

Carnaval is the same... WOW!!!!  Words just won't be able to describe this expereince.  The costumes, floats, dancing and music were AMAZING-FANTASTIC-INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!  There was just so much to see and so much colour!

We left for the Sambadrome on foot with a crowd of people from the hotel and stayed for all 7 parades... The first started at 9pm and the last finished at 7.30am (which included a sunrise)  - What a night!!!!!

So I'm not really going to bother too much with words and just give you pictures....  So sit back and enjoy the slide show

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