Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A day at the beach in Rio during Carnaval,,, unlike any day at the beach anywhere in Australia!!

 Never before have I seen sooooo many people at the beach at once.

At first all we could see were umbrellas and  people sitting in deck chairs and lying on sarongs... We couldn't see anybody in the water and wondered if this is what coming to the beach in Rio was about - lying in the sun.  There were people queueing to use showers on the beach....

...and some people had even brought their own pool...

The we spotted people in the water - there were masses in the water in addition to the thousands on the beach!!

Then there were the people making the most of the thousands and thousands of beach-goers...  There were tents set up all over the beach selling drinks (beer, caiprinhi's, softdrinks and water) as well as hiring out the umbrellas and chairs (they even set them up for people)

And others selling sarongs, bikinis (everyone was wearing bikinis!), jewellery, sunglasses, food (we saw prawn kebabs and fish kebabs), sunscreen, cashews and more!

And lastly one for my textile readers (and those that know how much I notice textures and patterns)... Ipanema and Copacabana beaches each have their paths paved in a different pattern.  These patterns are recognised as unique to each of teh beaches and are used on shirts, sarangs, bags and more as a symbol of each beach.

Ipanema has a circular pattern...

And Copacabana has a wave pattern... (There seem to be a lot more souvenirs with this pattern on it along with the Copacabana name)

All-in-all our day at the beach was just another incredible experience in South America!!!

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