Sunday, November 02, 2008

A day in the city...

Bryan and I went off early yesterday to spend the day in the city. Of course our day started waaaaay earlier than expected....

...First there was the alarm that went off at 4am (still set from the day before when Bryan had to get up at that time to get ready for work).

...Next was 5am when the darling Tyler (our dog) decided to be sick. No problem, it was just her bed, so I threw her bed into the washing machine, put her into the crate and went back to sleep... eventually...

...Only to be woken again at 6am (half an hour before the alarms were set) with another sick episode - this time on the carpet (Bryan's turn this time, I did the one before - YUK!!)

Of course soon after, Tyler was running around as though nothing was wrong, barking at us as we got ready to leave!

Our day involved a couple of hours at the Simonds Colour Gallery followed by a stint at the tile shop where we made lots of decisions without dispute and without too many upgrades!!

Next stop was the Young and Jackson where we had a beer with Chloe to celebrate our effort and watched the race-goers milling around the streets below, stumbling on heels, struggling with obscenely large hats or oddling arranged feathers and dresses billowing up in the breeze.

Afterwards it was onto Kimono House where I dropped in to pick up a pattern and took the opportunity to thank Leanne for the dragonfly fabric for Sue's Japanese Quilt and told her what a fabulous match it was. Turns out she already knew as she asked "are you the one with the blog" and told me that somebody had seen it (and my mention of her) and mentioned it to her.

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Lory said...

Wow, you were busy! I just checked out that link to the kimono house. If only there was something like that here in town. I just finished a kimono of the hardest projects I've ever made. But every time I look at it, I think "it was worth it".