Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Introducing.... Tyler!!

Let me introduce you all to Tyler.


Tyler is a beautiful Weimaraner who is now 6 months old.

Tyler visits me at work

Tyler joined us in April when she was 8 weeks old and has taken up a lot of my time since then. Oh how life changed with a puppy... up early in the morning for toilet trips - despite the fact that it's FREEZING outside. Trips outside every hour or so in order to avoid puddles on the floor. Playing the 'leader game' to ensure that she knows that her place in the pack is at the bottom. She absolutely adores us and spends her days following me around the house (preferably stepping on my heels because thats the closest she can get) or running from window to window trying to work out which room I'm in and then settling down to sleep where she can see me.

She loves my slippers and stealing shoes. The bin is a treasure trove and bench surfing is a favourite past-time (she ate half a lamb backstrap when I had my back turned last week argh!!). She's a smoocher who likes a cuddle and enjoys watching TV on the couch with me when she's allowed - although she is getting bigger and the couch isn't, so very soon it'll be me or her and I promise you it won't be me on the floor!

9 weeks
Tyler 27-4-08

Showing off the coat I made her - see I have done some sewing...

Favourite staring spot - see the look in her eyes... "OK, so if you won't let me I'll just sit here and stare at you until you give in (or I fall asleep)"
Sulking by the fence

We're off for a walk now. Jus a quick one because it's about to rain, and because until I can get her to walk on a lead WITHOUT PULLING theres' only so long I can managed to tug a 20kg+ dog around the streets before I'm over it.


ANNA said...

I'm not really a dog person but what a beauty!!! This is one hound I would like to meet!!

Sophie said...

She is a stunner but it's her personality that makes me melt! Like when she comes up to me while I'm working and just puts her head in my lap for a pat and when you do you her face fill with joy, or when she runs through the room, head held high, with a slipper or something else she shouldn't have, taunting us with her trophy!

Jackie said...

We have English pointers which are very similar. Unfortunately we never got the pack order sorted out with Daisy our first (Now gone). Willow pulled on the lead so we got a 'gentle-leader' or 'halti' and it did the trick.