Friday, October 31, 2008

At last we have pictures...

One of the japanes text blocks is done... well almost - it needs it's English transation but that'll come later.


I was going to do back-stitch around the word but was worried what it might look like on the back so went with a running stitch just outside the outline. Turns out the backs not that flash anyway, but it's not that visible either so no matter!


I wanted to use sashiko thread but could only find navy in the shop I went to last week. Instead I've used crochet cotton or perle cotton and it works nicely. The translation will be embroidery cotton as the perle is too thick.

I really like the effect I've achieved (unintentionally!)... It has the appearance of reverse applique but it is a single piece.

One down, six more to go!


jeanamarie said...

that's what i was going to say - that it looked like reverse applique

i like it

magikquilter said...

Me too it really looks like a lot of work went into it