Saturday, October 11, 2008

Introducing Uggles

Uggles is yet another project from the "On-the-go" list that is now complete.


Uggles is a miniature bear that fits snuggly into the palm of my hand.


He had a difficult time during his creation with a slight decapitation incident (oops!) where his head fell off aftern I'd attached all of his limbs and stuffed and sewn up his body.


I obviously hadn't tied off around the t-pin that make up his joints so now his head is stitched firmly on, however it is no-longer jointed. But I don't mind - his cute little face is very forgiving (ignore that little gap in his nose - I've fixed that - I didn't really see it until I looked at the photos)



Heleen said...

did you make this sweety bear?
I really love it!!!!

Stacy said...

He's adorable!

BigCat said...

He's so gorgeous. You're very clever to make such a beauty.