Sunday, October 12, 2008

A hot date with the telly today!!

Today - yes all day - I have a hot date with the television. The "race that stops the nation" Bathurst 1000 is on today (well all weekend actualy but the big race is today). From 10am to 5pm we're set to watch.

We are fully prepared - we have snacks, we have beer, and I have hand-sewing (although there's no guarantee that I'll get much done as there's racing to watch).

And who am I barracking for???

GO SCAIFFEY and TANDER!!!!!!!!! My boys got pole position too so it's a great start for the race!!


jeanamarie said...

hope you enjoyed it ... did you get any sewing done? i kept wandering between the tv and my sewing machine. sorry your guys didn't win :(

but peter is happy.

Leisurely Lesley said...

Hi Sophie

Have had a couple of days of not being able to connect.

Compared to you I am very new at this blogging and am not even sure of the process of answering people's questions. So I have come to your blog and clicked on your comments area.

I wasn't using alpaca wool for these booties, however, Kaye with the large hat, was using alpaca wool, very successfully. And Rocky, the owner of all the alpacas, felts with alpaca wool a lot.

Sophie said...

Thanks for that Lesley. I'm going to give the alpaca wool a try, I'm just not wrapped in felting (I like it when others do it), probably because I don't have a great place to be able to spread out and do it properly. I will just have to bit the bullet and give it a go.