Saturday, October 11, 2008

A word about quilting

As you might recall, a few weeks ago I made a comment about not liking the quilting phase, hence why I had several projects completed to that point.

I would now like to say that I am converting. I have actually begun to to enjoy quilting Sue's Japanese quilt. I think that this is for a couple of reasons...
  1. I've managed to relax - this is aided by the use of audio books which give me something to concentrate on as well as something to keep me stitching (I loose interest without them). Somehow
  2. I've worked out a 'good' speed that gives nice even stitches
  3. I've worked out that I don't need to rush - I used to get panicked by the speed of the machine and feel that I needed to move quickly but this always ended in rough, jaggered looking stitches. I think that this is where the audio books come in because I can concentrate on the story and just keep my hands moving.
  4. I've discovered that a rubber glove gives me grip and therefore more control. With the rubber glove, I can keep my hand flat but have complete control over the fabric and the direction allowing smooth lines.
  5. I need to get back into the 'rythym' each time I go back to it. The time that it takes to get my rythm back depends on how long since I was last working on it. After a day I've usually still got it, but after a week or more, it takes me longer to pick up again.
  6. Most importantly - I CAN do it and i can do it WELL! This is by far the most important factor because as long as I feel that I am doing well, I'm inclined to keep going. If I don't like what I'm doing, it's very easy to stop and hide it in the bottom of the cupboard.

And the news on Sue's Japanese Quilt?... Had I not run out of cotton I would have been finished with the quilting yesterday, but I did and so I'm off now to make the run for the finish line. If all goes well today, I should be all set to hand-stitch the binding on during tomorrow's Bathurst race.

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