Sunday, October 12, 2008

You win some... and you loose some...

Oh well... it seems that this was not to be our year.

WARNING - RACE POLITICS FOLLOW!!! (Ford fans may want to skip over this post)

We had a sh*tty start whereby we went from first to last without even crossing the start line. Add to that we were penalised another 10 seconds due to an apparent 'false start' (of which they were already penalised by being at the back of the field). The boys did a great job and got up to 11th at one point but the attraction of a concrete wall was too great and so we spent the last 60 laps or so with so much sticky tape applied to the front of the car it looked like a bunch of preschoolers had been let loose on it.

All was not lost, I moved teams (see how loyal and devoted I am!) and started yelling for my favourite Holden driving Kiwi, Greg Murphy (Yes I yelled at the TV) No, I'm not that bad... I have a short-list of favourite drivers that goes something like this:
  • Mark Scaiffe - Scaiffey
  • Garth Tander - Garf
  • Greg Murphy - Murph
  • and I like to keep an eye on the Kelly boys, Rick and Todd.

So, with my main boys down, I just moved on to my second fave. And Murph came through with the goods, coming in second - which I firmly believe should have been first because Lowndes (who won) wasn't penalised for a bingle with Murph early on in the race that caused a bent steering column in Murph's car. Given that numerous other penalties were issued for similar or lesser offences, it's surprising that this event went un-noticed. So in my eyes, if you took 10 seconds off Lowndes time, then Murph would have come in a clear winner.

I didn't get any sewing done. I was set up with my embroidery, and did attempt to work on it (twice) but I couldn't concentrate and was too focussed on the events on the track.

And Sue's quilt is still a work in progress. I am on the home stretch and will work on it throughout the week.

It's back to our usual textiley non rev-head programming tomorrow.


Leisurely Lesley said...

And thankyou so much for the information re: suppliers. Very much appreciated.

jeanamarie said...

Ah, well, they keep the food on our table :)

Peter cares more about ferraris for the most part!

Sophie said...

No problem Lesley - anytime!

Sophie said...

I still had a fun day. Bryan also had a fun day laughing at me pasionately yelling either encouragement or disputing the officials decisions. Hahahah

lachlan said...

lol haha

did you lose


Jackie said...

OH! I thought you meant 'race'. It took me a bit to understand it was cars.