Thursday, October 30, 2008

I tried to sit down at the machine to put the binding bits together last night but it was not going to happen. On Monday morning, before going to work I hurt my back. It was the most simplest of things - sitting in the chair at my desk and I used my feet to pull the chair closer and O-U-C-H!!!!!! I did go to work (despite Bryan's best efforts to get me to stay home) and even had coffee with Jeana on the way home, (it was OK during the day) but it's still sore so sitting at the sewing machine was not the best of plans.... It's on the mend now, so hopefully some progress will be made over the weekend.

In other news - the house stuff - we have decided to build a house and have put a deposit on a block of land!

Mum asked if we felt like "wealthy land owners"? The answer is not yet... We're more likely to feel poor than anything else - especially when the loan repayments start!!

We've also chosen the house that we want to build and are in the process of selecting bricks and gutter colours (how exciting?!). The taps, tiles and toilet are next on the list LOL!! I will be setting up a separate blog (over the next few days) for the house progress so as not to clog this one up with non-textile related stuff.

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