Friday, September 26, 2008

Ooops!!! - I've double booked...

The Geelong Fibre Forum Open Day has been in my diary for weeks as you would know from my post detailing the events of the day here.

A Garage Sale has also been on the agenda for our house since we moved back in June and has been put off for the past 4 weekends running primarly because we would leave it till the Friday before to think about and would decide 'next weekend'. As you might also know the need for a garage sale was ramped up this weekend after our friendly neighbourhood hooligans decided the shiny paint-job on our car could use some scratches (posted here)

Saturday is also dog training day for Tyler at the Werribee Obedience Dog Club

On the couch... well as the biggest day on the AFL (Australian Rules Football) calander - Grand Final Day - in which the Geelong (the town I call home at the moment) Football Club's, The Geelong Cat's, is battling to keep their premiership title. Needless to say that Geelong is a sea of blue and white and most houses and shops are sporting shrines to their beloved Cats. Bryan and I aren't great footy fans but have jumped on the bandwagon with this one "Got Cats!!!". (that's not our house - just a random picture I found).

So Saturday 27th of September is a rather busy day but we have reached a compromise.

The garage sale starts is from 7am to 1pm(ish) but no doubt the early birds will be lined up outside before 7 - they came with torches to the last one we had and were waiting at 5am! I've learnt my lesson this time and have put a start time on the ad - for all the difference it will make.

At about 10am Bryan's agreed to hold the fort while I do my best effort to see all there is to see at the Forum Open Day for a couple of hours.

About 12.30 (I can never work out if it should be am or pm - I mean the midday one) Bryan will take Tyler and head to Werribee for Dog training.

2.30pm is game time. Bryan and Tyler will probably miss the first 30 minutes but as I said, we're not avid fans so we can cope with 30 minutes or so. If it were Bathurst (the V8 Supercar Bathurst 1000 on the other hand - well that's a completely different matter!!

Pictures of the forum to come...

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jeana said...

is your Bryan a racing fan too?