Monday, September 22, 2008

ARGHHH!!! Hooligans!

Apparently somebody (or several bodies) saw fit to knock over the neighbours brick letterbox and then hurl one of those bricks at our car last night! What on earth possesses people to do such things. The car sustained damage to the mirror and the stripping and panelling around the drivers door and a small chip in the window - probably very lucky in hindsight, because the damage bill might have been greater if they'd smashed the window.

I've just been up to the local Police Station and lodged a report and apparently there was also a report of somebody on a roof last night also in our street, in addition to the neighbours letterbox and our car. The nice policeman has advised that being schoold holidays that they're doing extra hours and extra patrols as last holidays there was quite a few incidents. It seems that our street has been added to the "keep a close eye on" list.

Looks like we REALLY need to clear out the garage so that we can get the car off the street to remove the temptation. That means that the garage sale that I've been putting off for several months will be on for this weekend.

This is the second time we've had incidents involving the police in the space of 12 months (two different houses). We thought that this was a quite, safe and friendly community, but perhaps not quite so safe... I will definitely be more vigilant about locking the doors - something Bryan is always chipping me about being too relaxed about. You see I'm a small town girl who grew up in a town where we often didn't shut the door at night (it was only ever locked when we were all out and even then the keys were hidden) and the car keys were usually to be found in the car (where else would you keept them??).


magikquilter said...

Sorry to hear that Sophie...we have some problems as we live just off a shopping strip and when people come back from the pubs they carry on. We get screams at all hours and always go out in case it is something. It was once...a car shopping jacking...[bag nicked and driver threatened as they get in car] where the young woman chased the thief. Spunky but stupid. Took forever for the police to come, we brought her into our flat as she was in shock by then and shaking all over, and then after more than an hour of waiting I took her up to the Police Station.

Hope it settles down...silly school kids ...but please lock your doors Sophie!!!

Sophie said...

Wow that's horrible!! I did a quick re-sort of the garage last night and managed to get the car in - even if I had to get Bryan to move a television in order for me to get out (I thought I'd measured it right but obviously not!). I hate worrying about security, but then I suppose that that's the world we live in now unfortunately. Having said that there are some wonderful and friendly people out there and we shouldn't let these kinds of incidents affect our lives.