Thursday, September 06, 2007

What I'm reading this week...

I'm still doing nothing creative. This lack of creativity is made even more difficult by the fact that I'm ready a good book - can't do both on the train at once (need audio books, which need a player...)

Whiteout, by Ken Follett is one of those books where you are so absorbed that the conversations happening around you on the train dissappear. Where you are so absorbed that suddenly you look up and notice that the train is pulling into your station and you're not at the end of the chapter and consider sitting there till you are. I started this one on Monday and thought I was only a little way into it, but now realise that I'm almost half-way through. Now I'm wondering if I should slow down so that I can enjoy it for longer.

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Shirley Goodwin said...

Ah, that's the sign of a good book - when you can lose yourself in it.