Friday, August 10, 2007

What a buzzzzzzzzz

One of my friends that I've made since moving back in May come over to visit last night after work with a question for me.

She's just bought a new lounge sweet and wanted some cushions made to match - no problem.

Then she asked (nervously) if I'd like to make a piece of art (in her words) to liven it up. She's thinking a throw or quilt or the like.

I was wrapped!!

Wrapped that a friend liked my work enough to ask me to make something for them! Wrapped that she looked at a piece of art/artistic work MORE than just a quilt.

Of course I said yes - with the proviso that it would take some time to put together.

We did a bit of playing and we're both excited about what we come up with. It seems a collection of fabrics that I'd been adding to for a while now, with no real ideas for yet, are just perfect!! I promise to document the progress as it happens.

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