Friday, August 10, 2007

Don't ya just hate it when...

You've got money to spend and you don't know what to buy!!

Yes you heard me... I don't know what to buy!

I have a gift voucher at David Jones that I was given about a month ago when I left my last job. I was told to buy "something nice for myself" and then I could buy clothes or whatever else with what is left over.

How do you define "something nice for yourself"? I've looked at jewellery, handbags, glassware and kitchenware, household items like towels and beadspreads, luggage and electrical goods and every other department in the place. I can't decide...

I understand that clothes are a bit like a "consumable" item and that they'd like to see me get something that I can say "I bought that with the gift-card from *****" as time goes on. However everything else is less for me and more for the house and 'us'.

A watch or jewellery would be nice and longer lasting, but not in the price range - at least not the ones that I like.

There is one handbag I like but I'm struggling with the price tag of $230. Do I look at it as a gift and buy it because it's not something I would normally buy or find something else.

I looked at luggage, but I don't really need anything there either. Then I've looked at other items where I could put some extra money towards it - like GPS navigator for the car like I've been wanting, or as B suggested, a digital video camera but again I go back to 'is it for me or for us?'

Finally I go back to the clothes, because I really need some them as I've been losing weight this year and many of the clothes I'm wearing to work are just too big (who'dda thought that would happen!).

B says I shouldn't worry and to buy whatever I want. I think that the 'gifters' made a request about how I should spend it and that I should respect that. What do you think?

Hmmmm what to do?... Guess I'll just have to go shopping again!!!!!!!

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