Monday, August 13, 2007

I Tried!!!!!!

I really tried to get the bag finished yesterday but alas....

I have it assembled and only need to do the binding on the edges and the strap (and then add some decorations if I feel so inclined at the end of all this).

The problem at the moment is the thickness!! I have two sides to sew together, each with 2 layers of fabric and a thin wadding, plus seam allowances for each so double that, and the binding. That's 12 layers that I'm trying to sew through - plus more in some place!. Now if I'd designed this bag, and if I make it again, I would change that - it's not necessary to have all that!

Anyway, I did manage to stitch it without breaking a needle, but now the binding itself is not wide enough to wrap around all of those layers in some places (at the top and bottom where there are other seam allowances in the mix). So, I have it all pinned in place and am deciding on whether to hand sew it and bodgy up the awkward ends as best I can, or do I unpick it an cut a wider binding that will fit over. I hate unpicking, but the rest of it looks so good that I don't want this to muck it up - I think I'm going to have to unpick and cut new binding.

We'll see how I go tonight.... I'm not promising anything as the New Geelong Spotlight is opening today and I'm going to head over. I know, so will hundreds of others but I have a voucher to spend so why not! Perhaps I'll at least try to post a sneak peak picture...

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Trish Goodfield said...

Hi Sophie

I thought I had avoided the 'Tag'. unfortunately no. I've just tagged you. Its the 4 favourite things. The full list is on my blog.