Monday, August 13, 2007

4 things...

I was tagged by Trish of Trishalan Designs with the 4 things meme (geez thanks!!!!!), so here goes - here's an insight intto me...

4 Jobs I've Had:-
  • Training Coordinator - Administration: This is my current job and I love it;
  • Administration at a few places - aged care, security company, training company;
  • Trainer/Youth Worker for unemployed kids on a youth employment program - enjoyed this but a ot of hard work and in the end I didn't like the stress that it/I put on me
  • Serving fuel at a service station (in the country where you actually got your fuel served and your windows cleaned for you) - my part time job when I was 15 (my younger brother was horrified that a girl would do this job! - Mum swiftly put him into place asking why he (at 13) thought the male anatomy (not the words she used) was necessary to serve fuel? - he never did come up with an answer!!)
4 Films I would watch over & over:- hmmmm...... (I'm sure I'll come up some really good ones later but here a some)
  • Dead Poets Society -
  • Dirty Dancing
  • Ghost
  • George of the jungle
4 Places I have lived:- only four!!...
  • The Sunshine Coast - where I was born and lived with My Grandma for a bit while I was at Uni
  • Clermont - where I grew up
  • Gladstone - the harbour city
  • East Melbourne - a great way for a non-city (I'm not a country kid!!) to experience the city - I loved it, but not forever
4 Favorite TV Shows:-
  • Lost - but it kinda lost me in the second season when I wasn't able to watch everyday, and I think it's kinda gone on long enough now...
  • House - gotta love House's sarcasim hiding a real human being (not that he'd ever admit it)
  • Prisonbreak
  • All Saints
4 Favorite Foods:- can I say chocolate, chocolate, chocolate and chocolate!!!
  • Chocolate!!!!!!!! (chocolate anything!!)
  • Roasted sweet potato;
  • Smoked salmon with cream cheese, capers and a bit of rocket on little biscuits
  • Lemon tart
4 Websites I visit everyday:-

  • My blog to check the site stats - I love to see that people are reading and where they come from!
  • My email - to check the mail from all the textile-y lists I'm on, and comments on my blog (selfish huh!!)
  • Littlefish - the blog of a great Aussie quilter who does some fabulous work
  • Fibermania - I love Mel's quilts but I love the way Mel shares so much. I've been loving her search for a new house lately.

4 Places I love to be:-

  • tucked up in bed on a cold day with the electric blanket on high and a good book
  • with my family (being my Mum, Dad and my brothers) - I love that the minute I get home (or where-ever we are) it feels like I never left. The laughs, the giggles, the lot of us talking and all vying for Mum and Dad's attention;
  • At Eungella National Park, sitting on the viewing platform early evenings and early mornings watching for platypus
  • In a textile workshop or trade show or even an online textile forum - full of like minded people buzzing with excitement about learning a new skill/technique and just creating!!!!!

4 Favorite Colors:-

  • I looooove browns - can't you tell from the bag - chocolate browns (a link to food perhaps?) and rusty earthy browns
  • greens - bushy greens reminiscent of Australian landscape (dusty greens, yellow greens) but all others as well (although I don't wear green!)
  • Reds - not a colour that I would wear a few years ago, but I now really like deep rich reds.
  • Aqua blues - the ones that give a real ocean feel
4 Names I love but wouldn't use for my children:- this is not something that I've really thought about yet.

I'm supposed to tag 4 more people but as most people I would tag have done this already, I'm leaving it up to you - if you're reading this consider yourself tagged!!

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katelnorth said...

Ooh, another brown lover - cool. People often look at me weird when I say brown is my favourite colour. Guess I should go off and do those "four things" myself now...