Monday, November 06, 2006

A wonderful sunday!!

Our first Sunday together in ages was great.

After a bit of a sleep in we went off to crawl the local markets (so not too much of a sleepin or we'd miss all the good stuff). I found a book on Experimental embroidery for $2 which I think I'll probably sell on eBay after I've had a bit of a read.

Then we came home and had a lazy day. We cooked bacon sandwiches for lunch (hmmm bacon sandwiches!!), and had salmon steaks and mashed roasted sweet potato and roasted veges for tea (a late tea as we were still so full from the bacon sandwiches).

Speaking of eBay, I've started to list some of my books on eBay. These are books that I've bought and read and want to send them off to a new home. I've got 8 on so far and have another 8 to go. I'm also going to list some of my cloth doll patterns too, as these are just sitting in the cupboard taking up space too.

If you want to check out my auctions please go here.

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