Saturday, November 11, 2006

It's the weekend!!!!!!!!

I was going to share a post of my first finished postcard, but it seems that B has taken it to work with him (his bag is a like a bower birds nest . Not that everything is blue (except all those blue pens that seem to find their way in there), it's just that once something goes in there it rarely comes back out again, a bit like a black hole. I'd better rescue the camera before it's too late.


B has another Sunday off this week (well part of the day), so I have to crammmmm all of my planned 'alone weekend activities' into today, otherwise I'll miss out. As much as I enjoy spending days with him, I also enjoy having a day (or two) to myself.

So today I'm going to:

  • Go to a Bonsai show put on by the local Bonsai group - I've always love Bonsai but have never been successful growing any. They've got demosntrations on too so maybe I'll learn something...
  • Go the Farmer's market in the mall - I went last month and whilst it's only small there's lots to taste and sample, and they have cooking demonstrations using the local produce and I can't go past a god coooking demo.
  • Attempt to get at least 4 postcards finished and ready to post - I'm going to do a couple more like the one I was going to show (a further developlment of the trees - with foreground), and I've had a few other ideas too. I'm liking the idea of working just with the machine stitched line without adding any (or not too many) extra fabrics or embellishments and a using minimal of colours. I have a whole pile of bases made up (rust dyed fabrics that I've stiffened) so they're ready to go any time I get the urge.
  • Keep a watchful eye on my eBay auctions - I know shameless self promotion, but it's my blog and I I'll tout my own trumpet if I want to. There has been some good activity on them and hopefully everything will sell. 8 items go off on Sunday (tomorrow night) so I'll be watching closely tomorrow. BTW - thanks to all my readers who have gone over and checked the auctions out - a bigger thanks to those who are bidding!!

IF I get around to it, there's also the housework too....

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