Sunday, November 12, 2006

My bad!!

I found the camera. B-the-Bower-Bird didn't have it in his bower (oops, bag), however B-Secure, the ever security conscious B had hidden it in a place where a burglar wouldn't find it, should they decide to ransack our house. Only problem is, B-Secure couldn't remember where that place was. After searching the usual places and lots of unusual places, I found it!

So here's the pic I wanted to show you yesterday...

The first completed postcard

I actually achieved all of what I set out to do yesterday and more - and the housework even got a look in (well some at least).

The farmers market was fun as expected - lots to taste and yummy stuff to buy. On the way I discovered a book sale which made my Mum sooo jealous - sorry Mum!!

The bonsai show was great!! There was an exhibition of members work, and they were selling pots and plants, and there were some members potting and pruning plnts for people. That's what I enjoyed most - hovering around watching plants being turned into bonsai, and bonsai being replanted and given a facelift. Here are some of my favourites:

The bottom left are all Morton Bay Figs (that's a real leaf at the bottom - it's bigger that some of the plants!)

I met my target of 4 complete postcards!!! Shock horror!! I did have a kick-start as I developed the ones that I started last week. But these are finished and ready to send so I'm happy with that. I also have a few more ideas to work on so I should get these ones that I owe to people done soon. Here they are:

I liked the rocks on the first one so I developed them a bit

Here I added a few more rocks in the middle ground - I think next time, I should try to keep the line connecting them under the rocks as they seem to 'hang' in mid-air a bit. No-matter, I like it anyway.

The rocks ground the mid-ground stitching that I'd already done. Now looking at it, it may need something above in the higher mid ground - a thought for next time.
Here I developed the rocks even more - without the trees - kinda like a creek-bed. I like it, but I think I need to dvelop this one a bit more too.
Mum - here is my bucket FULL of rocket!


Sheep Rustler said...

I'm just starting some fabric postcards, too! But quite different from yours - which I love, especially the last one where you have developed the rocks more.

I am needlefelting coloured roving onto fabric and then intend to randomly machine stitch over tulle, folllowing some of the contours of the colours, and then embellish with beads and some handstitching. It's something I;ve wanted to try all year and now actually have the time1 First time I have needlefelted, and find it a good way to take out angry feelings :)

Sue said...

Lovely work - worthy of development on a larger scale, methinks. I love rocks and pebbles and have spent afternoons at the beach with my camera pointed downwards! Well, it makes a change from walls - sort of!

arlee said...

Love the simplicity of these---so evocative--sometimes you don't need a lot of words to tell the story---beautiful!