Saturday, April 08, 2006

This weekends to do list

It seems that this list has doubled already since I've woken up this mornin and it's not yet 9am!!

To do...
* Sample dyes for my dye workshop
* Stitch sampler for my machine embroidery workshop
X Finish Rust fabric book (almost there - all pages done, just the cover and edges to go)
* Find a title for Rust fabric book (ideas are welcome)
X Post a tutorial on my blog about rust solution dyeing (by popular demand) - DONE!!!!
* Post a tutorial on my blog about fabric postcad book
* Perhaps look at website options again for posting tutorials.

As you can see with a list like that there's little time for washing, cleaning, or even sleep. So visitors beware!!
(Just kidding Mum, the house is CLEAN - cause B takes care of that on his days off!!! - isn't he wonderful ;) )


LegendLex said...

Yes he is. Does he cook too?

Sophie said...

Not much but I'm working on that. He did cook when I was sick last week - of course I did have to provide instructions along the way.

Maureen said...

Rust fabric book
'Dreams of the Red Centre'
'Creaky Cover'
'Where's the Oil Can'
'Textile Treats'

Kirsten said...

Nice blog and thanks for the rust tutorial.
For the name what came to me was:

As we have had the ice age, the stone age and so on - there is bound to come a "Rust Age" - right? When everything that came before starts rusting...

Good luck with a name!

Kirsten in Oslo