Saturday, April 08, 2006

More rust fabric book pages

My pages are done - well they need edges, but aside from that they're finished. You've seen this already, but this time it's finished. This one represents footprints...
Oops - upside down. In my head this is a dam(watering hole) dried up - the rings show the water as it drops.
Don't have a theme/image for this one... It just happened and I kinda liked it.
Posted by Picasa This one's obvious - I hope

Here I was replicating the shapes, but the flower effect makes sense, given the 'nature' of the other pages.

This pages I wasn't so happy with as I was doing it, however now that I've added beads and lots of stitching, it's one of my favourites - actually how can I say that, I like them all!!

Next step is to do the covers. I'm holding off on that till I work out what to call it as that might be a factor. I'm also still deciding whether I want words in it. I'm thinking not, as I've stitched it up already, but the juries still out. Also need to stitch the edges of the pages and then assemble it.

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