Saturday, April 08, 2006

Mythomania exhibition

This is the information about the exhbition that the rust book (will have to give it a name soon) will be put into (when it's finished)

How does it fit the theme I hear you ask....

Mythomania = embroider the truth = telling stories = story book
(see how easy that was!)

Actually I'm looking at it this way. The Australian Aboriginals had their legends about creation and the earth which were passed on to the generations using dance, story telling and rock paintings. I'm using this as a modernised depiction of my thoughts of the Australian earth which will be passed onto the viewer (and hopefully the purchaser).

Or more simply embroidering the truth (literally telling the truth through embroidery - both machine and hand embroidery)

Oooh, but of course!!!! I hear you all saying now....

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