Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

B and I have had another day off together - yes that's right, 2 in one week!!. No seafood platter today but we managed to get to the beach to watch the crowds of people surfing. We had planned to go to the Bells Rip Curl Surf Pro Competition, but instead of paying the gate charge (which B strongly disagree's with) we were going to walk around the rocks on the beach and get a look that way. Unfortunately the tide was too high by the time we got there so we went to a nearby beach and checked out the surf. It was a great morning for it. We were going to go the reaceway tonight but by lunchtime it was pouring and didn't let up all afternoon. Instead we had lunch at a pub in town and went to a movie this evening - The World's Fastest Indian. It was a really great movie apart from the dodgy New Zealand accents as no doubt my NZ friends will atest to.

B's working the next 2 days so I'm free to play and clean up from my last projects. Sunday I'm off to Easter lunch - a roast no less - with My brother's girlfriend and her family which will be nice.

This weekend's to do list...
  • Beading of green fibre collage (i'll post pics so you'll understand then)
  • continue quilt top that I started last weekend (you haven't seen this yet but I'll post pics
  • plan out kimono quilt (I bought a package of japanese kimono fabrics last weekend. the shop that sells them has a promo competition to design and make something using their fabric kits as a means of advertising them - a challenge I thought I might take up)
  • Normal work - training notes for day job
  • real in where I have spread out from recent projects
  • Put electric blanket on bed as nights are getting colder.

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LegendLex said...

Impressive list Soph -how did you go? Still hot at night here and we've had the air-con on.
Enjoy your roast lunch. Look forward to seeing pics of your projects.