Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Responding to comments

I've got a few comments that need responses so I'll answer them here so that they don't get lost...

Maureen(Kenmaur's Corner) Unfortunately I don't live in SEQ - at least not anymore. I do have family there and visit when I can. As for workshops there, not at this stage but not out of the question and definitely in my grand plan. These are the first workshops I will have run but am hoping that it will be the start of more.

The fabrics you see are the samples for one of the workshops that I'll be doing. They are dyed using procion or fibre reactive dyes. I havent' done much fabric painting so I'm assuming that you were asking about how I colour my fabrics Maureen. I also haven't sold any yet, but will definitely look into your suggestions Jo (No Matter where I go... I meet myself there!) thanks.

As for the rust dyeing and the longevity of fabric using taht technique I can't say. It is my understanding that fabric coloured using the rust solution method should not be affected (but don't quote me on that). When you wash the fabric all residue is removed and it becomes soft and normal. However fabric dyed with actual rust I would definitley agree that the life of teh fabric might be affected. Even after washing you can still feel the rust residue in the fabric. In some cases it feels a bit more brittle and I find that I can tear it quite easily. There is also a patch in one peice where the rust has created a hole. I'm not sure if this was a sharp edge or the effect of the rust. My advice is to think about what you will use the fabric for and consider whether you require it to hold up for years and years. For my rust book (As I see it...) I used mostly rust solution dyed fabrics and the actual rust ones were applied so hopefully that might give it a reasonably long lifespan.

Thanks to Kirsten (from Miss Creatrix) and Maureen (of Tangled Threads) for your suggestions on the title of my book. It gave me a good starting point as before I really had no ideas at all.

And thanks to all of your wonderful comments. It's great to get feedback and I look forward to checking for new comments each day. It gives me inspiration to keep working/creating.

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Claire said...

Sophie!! This is the first time I've had to read blogs this week (I'm on holiday), and I see that you have updated lots... Your fabric book is WONDERFUL, I bet it is even more fantastic in person and I wish you all the best for the exhibition.