Thursday, January 19, 2006


Thanks everyone for your feedback and comments - it's been a real boost. I even took it to work to show the staff and residents who of course showered me with compliments
Caitlin (princessandthepea) I think you are right, I should have changed the needle to a larger one. It was the thicker areas that were a problem so it makes perfect sense... Now... (DUH!!!)

Sandy at Dangling by a thread asked about my textile arts course:
I finished it in November of 2004. It ended with a group exhibition which we all felt was quite successful. The posts about the final part of my course and pictures from the exhibition are here

Jen from Jens Footsteps a fellow Queenslander as I have jsut discovered asked whether I had intentions of doing more of the spinifex pieces, suggesting a series would be good.
I agree - As I was doing the latest one (after the first turned into a template), I've been imagining the same scene in different colour combinations, with the grasses blowing in different directions. It's definitely something that I intend to explore some more.

Now I feel the need to dye some more fabrics so that I can do a series of these. I will have to make a few decisions first - like what size I should work and how to finish them - as hanging art quilts or framed peices - I think I'm leaning towards art quilts as I won't need to worry about framing and costs...

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Jen said...

Hi Sophie, Glad to hear that you like the idea of a series. Will look forward to seeing it in the future.