Friday, January 20, 2006

I've got some reading to do!!

I arrived home this afternoon to a wonderful parcel of books I ordered from Jackie who was clearing out her book collection. I was surprised at how quickly they arrived. They were sent from Virginia and arrived in a week!! There are still heaps of books available - if you're interested the website is here. I bought

Experiential Drawing (Robert Regis Dvorak)

and How to keep a sketchbook journal

I also dropped into the Newsagent and Artisan Book Shop on my way home from work and picked up the latest....

Cloth Paper Scissors

Surface Design

New Zealand Quilter (because there were some interesting contemporary designs in it)

and finally Australian Artist (just 'cause!)

Now I needed all these distractions like a hole in the head but I'm a sucker for books and magazines. To try and curb my habbit, I've selected the magazines I'd like to read this year and placed a subscription. That should avoid frequent trips to the newsagent and therefore spending on magazines that I don't need. The exuse this time was that the subscriptions all start with next issue, so I had to buy this months mags to keep up.

I'm off to bed now with a pile of books and mags. Tomorrow is play day with the girls. Apparently we are doing marbling - sounds like fun!!


Anonymous said...

Sure doesn't look like you're having much success at 'curbing your habit!!!'

Sophie said...

That's a typical MUM comment!!! ;)
Besides, that was my final fling before the subscriptions kick in.

And when are you gonna sign up so that you don't have to be anonymous anymore???

Jo in NZ said...

I was pleased to see a copy of NZ Quilter on your blog, and I have to tell you ( and the rest of the world that visit you) that the cover quilt was made by MY MUM!!.