Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Envelope Journal

This sounds like an interesting idea.

where we
each "make" a journal out of seven 6x9" envelopes - and through
art/scribbles and the pocket of the envelope itself, we are creating
a record of one full week in each of our lives. Collecting the
receipts, the mundane, the junkmail, the flashes of inspiration (like
the one I had during a two-hour traffic jam) - the whole nine yards

Using envelopes means that I could just put in snippets of my week, without having to 'compose' it as I would a whole page.

Perhaps I could start with my holiday this week. Envelopes would also mean that I wouldn't need to lug glue stick and paints etc, and I could decorate/embellish the envelopes when I get back!

Lets see how I go....

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