Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Art is about confidence

We were discussing this at TAFE last week. The consensis was that it's easier to comment on, provide criticism of, give advice etc when the work is not yours. Why is that???

We figured that for us there were a couple of reasons:

1. you come at others work with a fresh mind. You haven't been/nor become bogged down in all the problems and hassles that tend to cloud our judgement about our work.

2. You haven't become attached to the work and can therefore be critical and make suggestions (ie cut it up and rearrange it, remove/add something - if we've worked on it, we become attached because of the hard work and time we've put in and don't allow ourselves to change things, even though it would be better in the end)

3. It's not yours. You make as many suggestions as you like, be as critical as you like, but the bottom line is, it's not your work and therefore you don't have to make the decision or do the work (and the extra sampling that may be required)

Just something that's been running around in my head. I start out working on something and loving it, end up hating it and then show somebody else and they love it - A good reason for groups like this as I see it. There's a myriad of critics out there to help us out, and prop us up when we dislike what we're doing or are in a slump.

OK, lecture over, I'm going back to mulling over my latest peice of work, until it's time to go home (from work) and get my hands back into my textile work.

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