Monday, September 20, 2004


I'm dumbstruck at the moment.  I was sitting at my desk, waiting for the phone to ring and the others to come in and start work, when Andrew came in and informed me that they'd all been layed off on Friday!!  So where does that leave me??  As far as I know (and I was kinda let in on things a while back that they were selling off the electronics side), the training side of the business is to remain, but at this stage I've neither seen nor heard from the boss and thus sit here dreading that the phone will ring, not knowing what to tell people when they call asking for service, quotes, payment etc....  And I had planned (and asked) to have Wednesday off so that B and I can have our 4 day holiday in the snow (what's left of it).  Will they refuse?...  will they expect me to work the rest of the week as well?...  I'm going anyway as we've booked and paid and it can't be cancelled.  Oh well... no point speculating until I know more.  I'll just have to take messages until I know different and cross my fingers that my holiday plans are still possible!!

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