Thursday, July 15, 2004

Art dolls and cloth dolls

In my travels through the net, books, magazines and email groups/lists lately, my interest in cloth dolls has been re-kindled. Last year our major project was to make a 3-d creature with created fabrics and in doing so I recalled that that is what I was doing (and loved doing) before venturing out and starting this course.

The dolls that I am interested in now are quite different from what I was doing in that I was always working from somebody elses pattern, except for the very last one that I started and didn't ever finish.

Art dolls are another thing that have caught my eye lately. These are not realistic, instead they are expressive and fun - I really like them.

The other thing that I have noticed and am off to research right now is hard faces on dolls. Another blog that I read uses Gesso on the faces and then paints them. I have seem this in books and am off to find out more.

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