Thursday, July 15, 2004

Come out, come out where-ever you are!!

I figure it's time I stop hiding from myself.  I think that because I have failed lately in achieving my Visual Diary goals that I have hidden away and refused to post - who do I think I'm kidding.  Note to self "GET OVER IT!"

Onto my play day last week.  Despite ever present and continual niggling of a cold/flu coming on, I did manage to achieve something - and I even have pictures to prove it (although they will have to come later as I can't upload them at work).

I spent the day dying and batiking.  I managed to overcome my fear (for the day at least) of dying and dove head first into waxing some silk scarves.  I then dyed them, along with a whole bunch of silk and cotton squares for a project that I have in the back of my mind.  As plastic bag dying is the only one that I've tried I figured that I'd stick with that and become confident with one method.  I was very deligent and kept notes as I went along and have even created a flip chart of the results.  Again, I figured that if I documented the results that I would have the confidence to try it again (knowing what combinations and concentrations make what).  I really am very pleased with the results. 

It also turned out that my record keeping was a good idea for another reason - When I dyed silk and cotton together with some colour combinations, I got some very different results.  Knowing this I can now avoid some disappointment when I attempt to make a colour that worked on cotton but end up with a totally different colour on silk.

I think that my next big effort should be to clean up the sewing/computer/spare bedroom.  Firstly so that I can get into it and start working again, and secondly as my brother is coming and intends to spend a couple of weeks with us, I should probably give him somewhere to stay rather than the lounge-room floor.  Not that I have a proper bed for him whichever room he's in, but at least he won't be disturbed by us moving about getting to work early (especially B with his 5.30am starts).

I'm not sure when I'll get that done.  I am working all week this week for a change (and also for some extra and well needed change $$) and am going to a workshop on Saturday.  One of the girls from school does Japanese braiding and is conducting a workshop for us.  It is also a means of raising money for our exhibition as all money raise (minus the cost of materials) goes into the exhibition kitty - isn't that generous of her!!

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