Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Family day out to Pikillaqta...

What happens when a group of tourism guys get together and organise a day out for their families?...  We end up with 25 adults and children on a tour bus for another incredible day (last Sunday)!!!

All this started from a discussion in Norton's pub with some of Zac's friends where Mum suggested that she'd like to make a trip to Pikillaqta (pronounced pik-ee-act-ta) before I left Cusco.  From there it was suggested that we should make a day of it and get a few families together... little did we know that it would turn into such and event but we a so glad that it did!

The group was made up of a number of families that Zac and Milka are friends with.  All of the men except one are ex-pats from various countries (Australia, UK, Scotland, Wales) who are married to Peruvian women, so there was a mix of English and Spanish spoken all day.

Our first stop was Pikillaqta where we walked through the ruins.  These are Pre Inka ruins that still exhibit stonework but different to that of the Inka's.  What is similar is the way that the stone walls are so straight, both along the wall and upwards.

Our next stop was a spot of birdwatching... Birdwatching I hear you say?  yes, birdwatching... and it kept the kids and most of the males of the group occupied for almost an hour!  Mark (the person who'd organised the bus and the day) had made up a sheet of birds for the kids to find native to the local area.  What an expereince to see a group of kids absorbed in the task of sighting each of the birds on the list - some were so good they even spotted the Kookaburra (an extra on the list!).

Next up was lunch at a restaurant in a small town called Lucre.  We meandered up through the town and along a street at the top before entering a doorway that I would have walked past if I wasn't with the group.  We sat at tables outside while the 10 kids occupied themselves playing on the grounds - there was a trampoline, basketball hoop, totem tennis (although on a much larger scale than I'm used to) and lots of space for running!  It was so relaxing to sit and eat and drink with such great company and spectacular surrounds.

 Last stop was ice-cream for the kids (big and little!)... also an experience!  We all crowded into a small shop where we bought tokens, and then walked back 2 doors where we traded our tokens for ice-cream.  Again, not something I'd have know if I weren't with the group...

It was fantastic to be part of this wonderful day out!  It's certainly not an experience that you'd get on any tour and it was a privilege to be a part of it all!


Mark said...

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Teena in Toronto said...

Sounds like fun!

Happy blogoversary :)