Monday, February 27, 2012

Making Tamales with Gladys...

Last night, as we were winding down from a big day out, Gladys was just getting started in the kitchen making tamales... I've heard of tamales but have never tasted them so was interested to see what went into them and how they were made.

First Gladys made a big pot of what looked like a thick soup that had choclo (corn but it's not sweet like we know corn to be - the kernels are bigger and paler), coriander, cumin, garlic and onion (I think) that had been cooked and liquidized (in the liquidora - or blender as we know it)

Then she set to work wrapping the liquid in the corn husks along with some chicken, some egg and I think chilli (or capsicum - I'm not sure)

The bundles were then tied using strings also made from the corn husks - Mum was given this job (I was chief photographer).

Then they were put into a pot of simmering water to cook.  Gladys tells us that the liquid thickens when it's cooked.

I still haven't tried them yet - I look forward to tasting them today!!

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