Monday, February 27, 2012

Bargain shopping...

Yesterday Milka and Gladys (My sister inlaw and her mother) took us shopping at what I think was a wholesale area... Aww it was sooo much fun!!!

We started off looking for a jumper that I had been looking at in the shops and markets.  Most places had it for 40/s and I'd managed to get one person down to 38/s but that's the best that I could find.  Mum and I had also found the same pattern in a different colour for 25/s so we knew we had to be able to get a better deal somewhere.

So I pointed it out to Milka and she and Gladys set to work to find it.  We started in a market where she got it down to 30/s (without trying and knowing that she wasn't going to buy), and then we went to the wholesalers... In the 3rd place we went into she found it for 25/s and managed to get it down to 23/s because she bought a second jumper for her Mum - Bargain!! (that's less that $10AU)

However the most exciting part of the shopping trip was when I found the woven textiles...  There were meters and meters of fabrics in fabrics in all colours and patterns at very cheap prices!  These are machine woven fabrics but made of wool and will be great as throws or tablecloths or even cut up and made into something else.  The prices that they were quoting were mostly between 16/s and 20/s for 1.2metre lengths.  At my calculation, the total for my 3 pieces (yes I couldn't narrow it down) came to 57/s but when it was added up, they only charged me 49/s (2 @ 17/s and 1 @ 15/s).

I was so pleased with my purchases!!!!!!!!!!  I do want to buy some handwoven pieces, but these cheaper ones will be very useful too.

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