Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Walked up a Hill!!!...

Walking uphill at high altitude -especially when you haven't been here very long - is no mean feat,  but walking up stairs is definitely an accomplishment!!!! 

Yesterday we headed from the main plaza of Cusco uphill to get a better view of Cusco.  We didn't actually walk very far, but it was an effort (thankfully Dad avoided most of the stairs)!  The view of Cusco and the valley was spectacular!!

From there we walked downhill (downhill is much easier!) to Plaza San Blas.  Even the walk down was interesting!

 Lots of houses on the other side, further up the hill (we are heading down the stairs here)

 Cactus growing on top of a mud brick wall as security - I wouldn't want to climb over that!!

A roof in need of some TLC...

Dad tells me that this was just a short practice walk and that he has longer walks with more impressive sights in store... bring it on I say!

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Justin said...

Wow, looks great and good to see some pics with you in them. Miss you Soph, keep having a great time.