Friday, February 24, 2012

A Craftswoman, a Sharman and a very special experience...

When I was planning my trip, Mum asked what it was that I wanted to see or do while I was over here...  My answer?  I wanted experiences...

Well that is exactly what we got yesterday.... We found a shop selling beautiful textiles, and started talking with the lady there - Bertha.

She started off telling us that the things I was picking up were baby alpaca and handmade (I now recognise the Spanish word for 'handmade' - couldn't tell you what it is now, but I recognise it when it's said), which most sellers tell you.  Then she went on to tell us that she made most of the things in her shop!  There was knitting, crotchet and weaving - sooooo much stuff!!  At this stage we weren't sure if we should beleive her, but as the conversation went on we couldn't help but beleive.  It turns out that the lady is also a Sharman, and she showed us the stones and shells that she uses in her ceremonies.

I can't describe it properly here, but the experience of talking with this lady was incredible.  It's great to be able to talk to the makers of the things that you buy and get an understanding of who and where these things have come from.  I ended up buying a beanie and a scarf which is what I had set out to purchase anyway, but this is one place where I didn't feel it was appropriate to bargain the prices down.

As we paid, she thanked us and then said that she had a give for us...  She gave each of us a crystal and said that it was for good health, good energy and good luck.  Then she showed us how they were used.  She asked us to close our eyes and then started to move the crystal in circles in front of our face and then over our entire body.... again, I was skeptical, but when she did this with Mum she commented that she felt pain across her shoulders and upper back, which is exactly what Mum was feeling, so now I'm not so sure... (Bertha was physically exhausted after performing this ritual)

Bertha finished by telling us that she would mention us in her ceremony tomorrow.... I'm not exactly sure what that means but I do know that it was a very special experience meeting her!

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