Friday, February 17, 2012

24 hours in Cusco...

After 48 hours of travelling, I arrived in Cusco to an amazing welcome from Mum, Dad, Zac, Milka, Milka's Sister Sara, and Milka's parents Miguel and Gladys.


As Cusco is at an elevation of  3400m, altitude sickness was a concern.  I was advised to take it slow and understand that even simple tasks like climbing a set of stairs could wear me out.  I did suffer from headaches and shortness of breath but didn't let that stop me. 

After arriving at Zac and Milka's house via 2 taxis (there were too many of us for one taxi), we soon headed out to a local market... WOW!!!  I guess it was a bit like a local farmers market but so, so different...

There was everything from herbs and spices - some mixed into pastes and packeged into small bags for sale (the only one I could recognise was a garlic paste, the green and red ones I had no idea of) to fruit and vegetables, many of which I didn't recognise.  Even the potatoes look different!  And then there was the meat...  all sorts of cuts, including the head, offal, and parts that I chose not to look at.  What a mix!

Our market trip was followed by a BBQ cooked by Zac and Dad, which was delicious!  Thick steaks, chicken breast with a satay crust and salmon bites, along with green salad and potato salad and little yellow potatos (I don't know what they were called).

Later that evening Mum and I headed into the plaza (the main part of town). Such an amazing place, even at night!  There is just so much to look at and I look forward to exploring it in more detail but first there is Brazil and Carnival to discover!!

And so, less than 24 hours after I arrived, we were heading back to the airport to board a plane bound for Rio de Janerio...

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