Sunday, September 18, 2011

Background work...

When I delivered my 2 latest works to the framers last week I made a last-minute-decision that I didn't like the background of smaller of the two pieces (the one pictured in my previous post) and so I left the work but promised that I would deliver a new background.

The problem (as I see it) was that the old background was a bit "dull"... it didn't have any spark or life to it and made the piece look a bit flat.  Being a silhouette, it works really well if there's a good contrast between the background and the black trees - which this one lacked.

And so I have returned to my original idea of silk paper (originally abandoned when my silk-dyeing efforts failed last weekend and I was impatient to get the two pieces to the framer).

After searching the city last week for silk tops (unsuccessfully), this morning I took a trip over to Zart Art and found some colours that would work.  I am also looking at purchasing some un-dyed silk tops so that I can colour them myself, but I was keen to get started.

Ingredients:  Silk fibres (Tussah Silk tops), Spray bottle with water/detergent mixture, Textile Medium, Tulle netting and kitty litter tray

Laying out the fibres

Ready to wet and apply Textile Medium

Hanging out to dry after being saturated with Textile Medium

Results to come tomorrow after it's dried and pressed...


Lex and Judy said...

Colours look amazing.

Sophie said...

Yeah.... I'm thinking that this will give the contrast and "spark" that I'm looking for! 