Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's My Birthday!!!!!!!


Yep... you read it right! Today is my birthday and I've had a busy day answering messages and posts on Facebook and working and haven't had time to post anything. Above is a pic of my little (but tall) brother and I at the footy on the weekend - his present to me along with the scarf I'm wearing before he headed back to Queensland, and below is my bestie and I on our day-out-in-Daylesford.


Tonight, in lui of going out and celebrating (because funds and fuel are low) we have organised a virtual party... The second State of Origin game is on tonight and so each of us are watching from our respective homes in our comfy-warm lounges with our favourite food and beverages...

  • I'm going with Pad-Thai (Take-away of course!!) and bubbles - probably pink bubbly which is my favourite at present;
  • Mum will no doubt have a wine - not sure what her food of choice will be;
  • S is having beer and chocolate;
  • B is probably going for Cappuccino and chips
  • A is no doubt having vodka and peanuts - mid flight across Australia
Feel free to join us - but you'll need to share what you'll be having...


Sheep Rustler said...

Happy birthday! And pink bubbly is one of my favorites too :) Hope you got some nice fibre-y presents.

CurlyPops said...

Yippee and Happy Birthday to you Sophie! I won't be watching any footy but I'll celebrate anyway with some peppermint chocolate and a hot milo.

Sophie said...

Thanks to you both!! Peppermint chocolate is one of my favourites - next to caramello that is :)

Doreen G said...

I know I am a bit late Sophie but Happy Birthday anyway.
Is that a Melbourne Storm scarfe that you are wearing I can't tell really except for your brothers jumperI wish I had known earlier and you could have has some Fritata with us there would have been enough,
The only drinks we had were water and I suppose you will tell me that water is only meant to wash in :-))

Sophie said...

Spot on Doreen!! it is a Melbourne Storm Scarf!!

Fritata sounds great and water is fine - we were drinking virtual drinks at our party anyway... that way you only get virtually drunk and don't have to worry about the after effects :) and cleaning up after a virtual party is a breeze!!!