Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gotta love the internet!!


Last night I had the bestest birthday party ever!!! With funds short and friends in all parts of Australia and the world, I put a post on Facebook and my blog inviting everyone to a virtual party...  We had virtual drinks (alright - I did have some real ones as well), virtual snacks, got virtually drunk, and had a REALLY great time!!!  The entertainment - the State of Origin - was spectacular!!! with Queensland (my home state) winning 34 to 6..

Thanks to the internet and mobile-technology I managed to connect with so many friends and family and even some blogger-friends and turned what could have been a quiet night, into a night of chatter (all via text), giggles, inuendo and FUN. 

And best of all... it only cost me the price of my take-away Pad Thai and a bottle of bubbles... virtual drinks mean no headaches (I was too busy typing to drink too much!)... clean up was a breeze... and people are still dropping by and saying what a great time they had!!

I'm definitely doing this again!! 


Val said...

Sounds absolutely fantastic Sophie - HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY from me! Val

Sophie said...

Thanks Val - it was lots of FUN!!!!