Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A few good things...


Yesterday was a good day... Nothing earth shattering, but a few small positive comments were enough to lift my spirits...

The first came towards the end of my working day when my girlfriends 13yo daughter spotted me on Facebook and said hi. It was her and her mother that I had visited on Saturday, and while I was there I cooked pita-bread pizzas for lunch and a couple of lasagnes for the freezer (her Mum has had an operation recently and this was something that I could do to help). During our brief facebook chat I asked her what was for dinner and she told me she'd cooked pizzas - like I'd shown her on Saturday!! I was impressed that she'd given it a try and when I suggested I teach her something else next time I'm out, she was keen.

The next came later in the evening... I visited another girlfriend who's shoulder I have cried on a few times recently. Usually when I visit, we have shop-bought lasagne (easy-tea-night) and so I took a large home-cooked lasagne as my contribution. As I was leaving and I went to collect my dish, and M (15yo son) asked if he could have the leftovers for lunch as there was still some left. And J (15yo daughter - twins) was also impressed because I'd remembered that she doesn't eat/like cheese or dairy and so I'd saved some of the meat sauce and taken pasta so she didn't have to eat space food (her father's term for the frozen dinners that she eats when we have shop-bought lasagne).It was nice to know that my cooking was approved by the kids as well as the adults :)


Jeana Marie said...

Hi Sophie, thinking of you - hoping we can catch up in person when I get back in Aug? It's been too long...again.

Glad you were able to have a nice day in the park and your scarf looks lovely. A friend made one for me from the same wool, but dif pattern - I love it.

Always nice when kids approve of your cooking, eh? It doens't happen too often around here. you are a lovely friend to help out so.


ps - nice to see you blogging again too!

Penny said...

Hi Sophie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I see here on the comments page that you know Jeana. Me too! We were studying together until last year.

As for the crochet thing - I'm following a pattern. I bought it at one of the craft shows. It's very much like the 'Babette Blanket' (do a google image search). I've had a hell of a time with it because as I've crocheted, my tension has slackened and now the squares don't line up. All I have to do now is join them, but I'm procrastinating BIG time.

Reading your past few blog posts, sounds like you've been having a rough time of it lately. So sorry to hear that - hoping life works itself out for you and you get some resolution quickly.

Nuff from me - kids need bathing, feeding etc. Best fly.

Penny XO

Sophie said...

Wow it is a small world!! I did the same course several years ago - finished in 2004.

I've just googled the "Babette Blanket" and that's exactly what I've had in mind... just hadn't known how to do it until now! I will definitely be getting a copy of that one.

Yes things have been tough lately, but I'm trying to use my blog to get back on top of things - without clogging it up with whining... Blogging makes me look at things differently!