Friday, May 28, 2010

Another project started...


I did manage to make a start on the new scarf last night... and I ended up using the new pattern. *grin*
Partly because I was itching to see how it worked... and partly because I couldn't lay my hands on the other (couldn't remember how to get started)... and

I like this pattern but unfortunately it's not as fast working as the other - not the instant gratification of the other pattern (patience is NOT my greatest virtue). I don't remember the names of either pattern, except that they were available from Wondoflex for $1 with the purchase of the Noro wool.  The pattern I'm using will create a ruffle effect  and was supposed to be used with the Noro Light yarn which I think is a slightly finer yarn.  I'm just not sure if the 3 balls that I bought will be enough.... I might just have to make another trip to the shop for an extra ball. (that would be a shame... or maybe just a perfect excuse to go back and gush over all of the gorgeous wool...)

Of course I also worked some more on the Babette Blanket too... I think I'm addicted!  I know it's a big (biggish) project, but because I'm working in 2 and 4-round squares at the moment, I get the instant gratification of seeing the piles of completed squares growing.  When the 2 and 4 squares are done I'll go back and turn some of them (the 4 squares) into the large 6, 8, 10 and 12-round squares - that's where I'll slow down a bit.  At the moment I can get about 2 of the 2-round squares done in an ad-break and another 2 between ad-breaks!

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