Monday, September 21, 2009

Studio is evolving...

Ok so the studio is mess... but in an effort to force myself to get it sorted I'm going to puclicy humiliate myself by posting pictures *grin*....

I promise you - it's not pretty... and I'll understand if you need to look away :)


I have managed to find homes for some things...

Here is the wardrobe nicely packed up (arghh!!! no shelves - should have thought of that in the planning stages of the new house...)

I really need to get the bookshelf finished so that I can unpack the rest of the boxes and find the floor and the work table. I need to do this so that I can set the sewing machine up and get cracking on the blinds and THEN I can maybe start something more fun and creative!!

OK so enough domestic stuff... onto something semi-creative. I'm intrigued by pattern and texture and have found that when you're building we are surrounded by interesting patterns and textures.





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jeanamarie said...


my studio looks much the same, but i don't have the excuse of having just moved!

hope you are settling in well.