Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm here!!!

As someone kindly prompted recently (thanks JanS)

"5 years! You need to keep it going"

I have been blogging... but over there (look to the left) on my house blog. As you might know, we've been building a house and a month ago we got the keys and moved in... As a result my attention has been drawn away from my art and towards the build,, the decorating (if you could call it that) and the packing and unpacking (such a futile activity - you pack, and then a week (or so...) later you unpack it all?...).

I have been sewing... I did a bag workshop over 5 weeks with Nikki which I really enjoyed. I made (well worked on - not necessarily finished...) several bags which I will attempt to photograph when I work out where I have buried them....

Since I posted last my sewing machine died and was sent back to the manufacturer for repairs (happened after the first of my 5 classes with Nikki) and I picked it up the day before we moved into the new house. In the meantime I borrowed a machine from a friend so that I could continue sewing the blinds for the new house.

I finally managed to get the first of the blinds hung on the weekend and I'm pretty pleased with the results!






I also made this (no textiles at all in it!!) last night and after it's stained and varnished it will be moved into the sewing room (I'm still not quite comfortable referring to it as a studio...) where I'll fill it with books. I'm thinking that if I build another (ambitious I know) and put it beside it, I might even have space to display some of my work as well!

(I can't wait to see it full of books!!)

And lastly... for those that are interested... The "Supervisor" (aka Tyler) is settling in well to the new house - it took some time and some food strike protests (she would eat eventually, just not when first offered - which is VERY unusual for the Supervisor!!). Here's a picture of her in her new environment.... (that's a piece of rawhide in her mouth)


jeanamarie said...

so lovely to see you here in this space again!!!

can't wait to see the house (hint, hint ;)))))

xo jeana

ps going to the fibre forum? open day? (hint again...)

Sophie said...

Thanks Jeana,

I'll work on getting back to my regular posting... although it may be a bit skewed towards home decorating ;)....

I promise to show some pics of the house soon... when it's just a little bit tidier

Thanks for the hint about the forum - I remembered it this week. I won't be going (I desperately want to!!), but I do hope to make it to open day.