Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The postie brought goodies today!!

My parcel from Magikquilter arrived today (I won a giveaway on her blog recently)

Whilst I am thankful that our friendly postie took the effort to get off his bike and tuck the package in behind the screen door, I still can't help laughing at the usual antics of Australia Post!

Magikquilter carefully packed the goodies into a Postpak Padded Bag which quotes...

"Padded bags feature an extremely strong and light-weight bubble lining. Ideal for packing items which require some protection from impact"

So much for the "extremely strong lining" and "protection" from impact - note the torn packet right under their promise!! Luckily this bag only contained soft fabrics and wools and not something fragile that might have required "protection from impact"!

Today's mail

Magikquilter has sent a lovely pack of goodies - lots of yummy greens in various sizes, some wools and some thrifted jewellery.

Today's mail

But my favourites are these oriental fabrics in a lovely sage green colour...

Today's mail

and this bag of little covered buttons in creams and whites

Today's mail

Now what to do with it all?...
BTW - my hand is recovering and the feeling has returned but still a little tingley. Thanks for your caring comments!


magikquilter said...

You mean you did not have those oriental sage green ones already? yeah ..I was hoping you would not have seen them as I only saw them in Lincraft and they sold out within a few weeks...I bought a little in every colourway and as they were very precious to me I thought...ah... perfect for Sophie as she loves Orientals so much.

Typical Australia I hope those parcels to America stay in one piece...otherwise balls of wool will be scattered between here and the states...youch

Sorry it took so long...I was paralysed by choice, in future I will have the giveaway ready and going to do some thrifting clothing giveaways so that should be interesting. Wonder if the professional giveaway followers will come to that as well?

Glad the hand is coming far away from Jeana do you live so I can picture it in my head?

Sophie said...

Hi Kathleen. No I hadn't seen the oriental fabrics in Lincraft, but that's because I've been avoiding all fabric shops lately to avoid spending!! I'm too easily tempted by all the pretties!!

Jeana probably lives about 20 minutes away - depending on the traffic lights. Lara is a little town just outside Geelong, so Geelong is where I do most of my shopping. Jeana actaully lives in the suburb that I used to live in about 18 months ago (before I'd met her) - go figure hey!

handmaiden said...

those orientals are truly lovely. Are they silk or just mercerised cotton as they look like they have a sheen

Sophie said...

Hi Handmaiden - they're not silk and I don't think that they're mercerised either, they just appear to shine in the photo (perhaps it was the flash). Actually I think that it's the colouring that makes them appear to shine becuase I've just looked again from across the room they shine but when you look close they're just regular quilting cottons.

Elizabeth said...

what a fun giveaway to win! enjoy your new stash!