Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ahhhhh!!!! (Breathing a really BIG sigh of relief!!!)

The machine quilting on Sue's Japanese Quilt is...

D-O-N-E ! ! ! !

After 2 hours of solid stitching this evening I finally got there. My audio book finished 5 minutes later so I'd say it was good timing!

My right hand is still numb an hour later - I'm hoping that the feeling will return soon!!




I can't celebrate yet though, there's still the binding and the hand-stitching to go (did I mention that I had plans for hand-stitching...) and some serious d-fluffing is in order too!!

The plan is to hand stitch around these Japanese letters and to embroider their English meaning on the panel. There's no machine stitching on these panels - there's about 9 of these and they're about 6" x 4" (I'm guessing here - too lazy to go and get tape measure).


The goal is to get this beauty (monster!) done by Christmas - there's still a bit of time left...


jeanamarie said...

Congratulations! The quilting looks good. I hope you hand is feeling better soon too. want to get a coffee soon? I am finally feeling better, more or less.

magikquilter said...

Fabulous....have a coffee with Jeana...just hold it in the other hand though.... just in case!!

That quilt is wonderful....by the way if I may make a suggestion, if anyone asks you to make anything else soon ...if it is at all possible do it through etsy...you know make it and save it as a special order for them so they can buy it....it will give you some essential feedback...the other way is to buy some small items from other shops ...like the calling cards etc ...feedback is critical so that people know you have some history on etsy

Anonymous said...

It's looking good, will look forward to seeing the end result...as u will, hope yr hand is better