Monday, October 20, 2008

Itching to be stitching!!

The fabric arrived from Kimono House on Friday and is it just as I ordered! Actually it's better, as there's a bit of texture to it which I like (Sue and I chose some of the fabrics in the quilt because of their texture) and there is a slight sheen to it, or the illusion anyway, without being 'silky' or 'slippery'.

It's been sitting on the desk teasing me since then and so far I haven't had the time to do anything with it - too busy browsing through houses, talking to salespeople, crunching numbers and deliberating about what is the right thing to do! I'm thinking tonight that I deserve a break from it all to get sewing again.

I can believe how much I feel the need to sew. It was just less than a week ago that I was last at the machine or did anything creative and I'm getting withdrawals! Funny thing is, that it was only about 2 months ago that I had no inspiration to do anything and for the past 12 months I have only done the odd sporadic stint of stiching or creativity and even then I usually walked away disheartened and unenthused. Creating and sewing almost daily certainly drives me to want more!


Elizabeth said...

hi! i'm just checking out some of the other blogtoberfest blogs - and read your stitch itch post - so, check out my blog ( - i've gotten all the stitch itches out of my fingers over the last couple weeks - i think . . . but they'll be back! i just need a day or two off . . .

jeanamarie said...

isn't it funny how inspiration and motivation seem to come and go. sometimes i have so many ideas but no motivation to get started, other times no ideas and i just want to get stitching. sometimes, thankfully, it all works together...hope you were able to get lots done and i hope your house hunting is going well :)