Tuesday, September 16, 2008

One down...

I can now strike one project off the "On the go" list...

Quilted pillow finished

The small quilt-kit that I had been given as a gift is now a cushion cover. The idea came to me when I was searching through my sewing cupboard for beads and I had to move a cushion insert to get to the box that I was looking for.

It just happened that the insert was about an inch shorter on all sides (approx 60cm (24") square) than the quilt and was in need of a cover. I decided that a cushion was something that I could use, whereas a wall hanging would get folded up and put back into the cupboard. The deciding factor was that the quilt had lots of purple and green in it and whilst it doesn't fit with our decor, it does match this quilt somewhat and so I bought some purple pane velvet and some lime green trimming and set to work.

I added a border of the purple velvet to the quilt to bring it to the right size and then layered a piece of leftover quilt wadding and quilted it. It was a rough job but the point was to practice and free-up my quilting motion. It looks OK and does the trick so that's what matters.

Quilted pillow - don't look too close at the quilting

I added the green trim to make it a bit of fun and used some cute buttons that I found at Spotlight for the closing (Yay! No zip required) and it's now finished.

Lime-green trimming
Fancy trimming - a pain to put in but worth the effort

Cute buttons
Cute buttonsQuilted pillow - back

One down... still lots more to go.

In addition to finishing this, I have sewn up all of the pieces for one of the bears and am now ready to stuff it (once I get some stuffing and filling pellets)...

I have also decided that I WILL NOT be unpicking the quilting on the Japanese Quilt for me and will continue to perservere with it. It's not THAT bad and the quilting is "in the ditch" and therefore only visible from the back (and who looks at the back - yeah righ!! we all look at the backs as soon as we pick up a quilt!! but nonetheless I will soldier on!)

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